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Experienced Enforcement Of Materialman’s Liens In Georgia

In Georgia, if a person or company performs work to improve real property, but does not receive prompt payment for the work, then the individual or company has the right to file a materialman’s lien, also known as a mechanic’s lien or construction lien, on the property. It’s important to understand that this can be an incredibly complex legal process involving debtors, contractors, subcontractors and lenders alike. Seeking legal counsel from an experienced lawyer in these types of cases is not only advised, it may be necessary to avoid lengthy and costly litigation later on.

At Jones & Walden LLC, we have extensive experience handling materialman’s liens throughout the Atlanta metro and surrounding areas. Our team has diverse backgrounds in a range of legal areas that make us well-equipped to handle materialman’s liens and resolve disputes efficiently and effectively. Our decades of combined legal experience and the personalized attention we provide our clients incorporate the best qualities of a large firm and small firm combined into one.

What Is The Process Of Filing A Materialman’s Lien In Georgia?

The lien must be filed in the real estate records of the county in which the property is located within 90 days of the last day of work on the property. It must also identify the owner of the property, the person who directed or requested the work performed and a legal description of the property.

To foreclose the lien, a lawsuit must be filed within one year of the completion of the work. Within 14 days of the filing of the lawsuit, the plaintiff must also:

  1. File a notice of the suit in the real estate records of the county where the property is located
  2. Send the notice to the owner of the property and the person who requested the work

The materialman’s lien statute and its timing requirements are strictly construed. This means that attention to detail is an absolute necessity in order to ensure one is not invalidating the lien in any way.

Our Legal Team Can Help You

The attorneys at Jones & Walden LLC, have experience prosecuting and defending materialman’s liens in Fulton County as well as surrounding counties in Georgia. We understand the intricacy and attention to detail required when filing materialman’s liens and achieve positive outcomes for plaintiffs and defendants alike. Our counsel is backed by decades of combined legal experience across a range of practice areas, making us effective at resolving complex legal matters involving real estate matters, contract disputes, debt collection efforts, foreclosure and bankruptcy proceedings, and other issues related to a materialman’s lien.

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Protecting the best interests of our clients always comes first at Jones & Walden LLC, and we do this by ensuring that our clients file liens in accordance with the law, understand the basic statutes at work in their case and take the right steps to enforce or defend against a materialman’s lien.

If you are interested in retaining our skilled services or would like to discuss the details of your case with a lawyer at our firm, we encourage you to contact our Atlanta office to schedule a consultation. To get started, call 678-701-9235 or contact us online using our contact form.