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Strong Guidance For Businesses With Commercial Loan Closings

The amount of paperwork and documentation required for a commercial loan application can leave business owners open to missteps and mistakes that could ultimately jeopardize the success of their business. However, with help from an attorney who understands business law and has intimidate knowledge of the loan closing process, business owners can ensure they are taking the right steps to securing funding for their new or existing business.

At Jones & Walden LLC, our attorneys work closely with several local banks as well as other businesses to facilitate a variety of commercial transactions, including acquisition and development loans, refinances, and other asset transfers.

Since 2001, business owners throughout the Atlanta metro and surrounding areas have turned to our firm because we provide the same high-quality, sophisticated legal services you’d expect at a large firm coupled with the personalized attention you get from a small firm. It’s one of the many things that make business owners throughout the area feel comfortable trusting the future of their business in our capable hands.

We Can Help You From Start To Finish

A commercial loan closing is a process with many moving pieces. Each case requires a detailed analysis to determine the best way to protect the client’s interest in the transaction. Even the simplest commercial transaction will likely involve both federal and state laws.

After a thorough title examination, lien search and UCC search, our attorneys draft the following documents as needed for the specific commercial loan transaction:

  • Promissory note
  • Guaranty Agreement(s)
  • Security agreement
  • Deed to secure debt
  • Assignment of rents and leases
  • Loan agreement
  • Construction agreement (if required)
  • Corporate resolution
  • UCC filings
  • Title affidavits
  • Closing statements

After the closing, the attorney must make sure the appropriate documents are filed and recorded properly.

Put Our Experience To Work For You

The attorneys at Jones & Walden LLC, have decades of combined experience preparing the necessary loan documents and handling the loan process from start to finish in a wide variety of contexts. Our diverse legal backgrounds handling business formations and other related business matters ensure our clients have the resources they need to handle any complex business matter related to their commercial loan closing.

If you’re a business owner in Georgia and would like to learn more about how our team of experienced business lawyers can help you with your commercial loan application, we encourage you to contact our office in Atlanta to schedule a consultation. Call 678-701-9235 or contact us online to get started.