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Extensive Experience Handling Business Sale And Purchase Agreements

Selling a business or transferring all or most of its assets is generally a complex transaction involving scores of necessary agreements and other documents. If handled incorrectly, business owners can leave themselves open to liability issues that could result in complex disputes and costly litigation.

The attorneys at Jones & Walden LLC, in Atlanta, have handled and consummated countless commercial business sales and corporate asset transfers involving both real estate and personal property throughout the Atlanta metro and surrounding areas. We have extensive knowledge of business formation laws in Georgia as well as additional backgrounds handling various other legal matters that could factor into a sale or transfer such as real estate transactions, title transfers, outstanding commercial debts and intellectual property matters.

Understanding The Sale And Transfer Process

The commercial sale process generally commences with negotiation and preparation of an asset purchase agreement and/or real estate purchase agreement. The parties and their attorneys must take great care to ensure that they share a mutual understanding as to the terms of the agreement(s) especially with respect to any escrow moneys and termination clauses.

After the asset purchase agreement is signed, the buyer is commonly given time to exercise due diligence and inspect the property and assets before closing the purchase. After the inspection period, the parties attend the closing where title to the assets is transferred and all other details are finalized.

Depending on the type of transaction, the closing may include a stock transfer agreement, a personal property bill of sale, and/or a real property transfer deed. Just as in commercial loan closings, appropriate steps must be taken after the sale closing to ensure that documents are properly filed and recorded to the extent required and necessary.

Putting Sophisticated Counsel In Your Corner

At Jones & Walden LLC, we put a highly experienced team of skilled lawyers with incredibly diverse legal backgrounds all at your disposal. We pride ourselves on being able to provide you with the same level of sophisticated counsel you’d get at a larger firm coupled with the personalized attention you want from a smaller firm.

We’re dedicated to helping you resolve any legal matter associated with your business sale or transfer. If disagreements or disputes arise, we are also highly capable litigators ready to advocate on your behalf.

Get Skilled Representation Working For You

When business owners in Georgia need experienced, well-rounded legal counsel to perform their due diligence in order to ensure a sale or transfer is done correctly, they put their trust in the attorneys at Jones & Walden LLC. Our counsel is backed by decades of combined experience and a legal team dedicated to getting results.

If you would like to discuss your legal needs with a lawyer at our firm, contact our office in Atlanta. To schedule a consultation, call 678-701-9235 or contact us online.