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Skilled Representation to Handle All Forms of Bankruptcy

Whether you’re a business owner in the Atlanta metro area or an individual with financial ties to a business venture elsewhere in Georgia, the challenge of dealing with immense debt may have you asking a lot of difficult questions other law firms may not be able to answer.

At Jones & Walden, LLC, our lawyers are known for their ability to handle complex bankruptcy petitions with skill and relative ease. Our counsel and guidance are backed by decades of experience handling a wide range of legal matters related to the bankruptcy process. When you work with our law firm, you can rest assured knowing you’re getting the big-firm experience you need to address the sophisticated issues at hand without sacrificing the personal attention you want and deserve.

What Are My Bankruptcy Options?

Bankruptcy is the legal process through which an individual or business can repay or eliminate debt under the protection of the courts. While filing bankruptcy may seem like a daunting prospect and might feel like giving away your agency, in many cases, filing bankruptcy is the right thing to do financially. It can help turn a multitude of debts into manageable payments, structured with your ability to pay in mind.

Bankruptcy can also protect you from harassment, reducing the stress involved. The different types of bankruptcy are all tailored to specific situations and include:

  • Chapter 7 — This is the most commonly filed form of bankruptcy that results in the liquidation of assets in order to pay off creditors.
  • Chapter 11 — Used primarily by businesses that wish to continue operating through the bankruptcy process, this debt relief option establishes a court-approved plan for the restructuring of debt and reorganization of the business. Chapter 11 may be appropriate for certain individuals as well.
  • Subchapter V of Chapter 11 — Available to businesses or individuals involved in business with less than $7.5 million in total debt, this form of bankruptcy relief is a “fast track” process that establishes a court-approved plan that allows for treatment of debt through payments.
  • Chapter 12 — This form of bankruptcy gives fishermen and farmers who have a steady income a chance to manage their debts through repayment plans.
  • Chapter 13 — Often referred to as “wage earners’ bankruptcy,” this form of debt relief allows individuals with regular incomes to avoid liquidation by establishing a repayment plan, effectively allowing them to keep valuable assets in the process.

We Can Point You In The Right Direction

There is no single form of bankruptcy that works best for everyone, which is why consulting with a bankruptcy attorney is an important factor in the decision to file bankruptcy. At Jones & Walden, LLC, our attorneys have been providing exceptional bankruptcy services to individuals and business owners throughout the Atlanta metro area since 2001.

Our diverse legal backgrounds allow us to address incredibly complex legal matters and provide our clients with a one-stop shopping experience they may not be able to find at other law firms. Additionally, we pride ourselves on providing a warm, inviting environment that will make you feel comfortable talking about your debts and financial goals without feeling like you’re sacrificing experience or high-quality counsel.

Put Your Future In Our Trustworthy Hands

If you’re facing immense debt and need help understanding and choosing a debt relief option that makes sense for you, then contact Jones & Walden, LLC, in Atlanta. We have decades of combined experience we will use to help you through the bankruptcy process from start to finish.

To schedule a consultation with any of our qualified bankruptcy lawyers, call 678-701-9235 or contact us online.