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Attorneys Skilled In Corporate Formations In Georgia

Corporations, partnerships and limited liability companies are distinct legal entities formed by one or more individuals to conduct business or complete transactions. People often decide to create corporate entities to limit their potential liability to customers and other third parties in connection with the operation of a business venture, but there are many other reasons why individuals choose to do so.

In general terms, corporate entities may be for-profit or nonprofit, and domestic (incorporated or formed in Georgia) or foreign (incorporated or formed in another state or country).

At Jones & Walden, LLC, our attorneys are specially equipped to help business owners throughout Atlanta and the greater metro area understand their corporate formation options as well as help them choose the one that makes the most sense for their situation. We have decades of experience handling a wide variety of business issues and can provide you with the high-quality counsel you expect from a larger firm, but with the personalized attention of a small firm.

Understanding Corporation Formation

The corporate entity exists separately from its shareholders, directors and employees and is viewed as an independent “person” (entity) in the eyes of the law. A corporation can make contracts, assume liabilities, sue and be sued. In contrast, a sole proprietorship is not considered a distinct entity and provides no limited liability protection.

Also unlike a sole proprietorship, each form of business entity has unique requirements with respect to formation that must be met before the entity will be recognized under Georgia law.

Georgia recognizes the following entities:

  • Class C corporations (C corporations)
  • Subchapter S corporations (S corporations)
  • Limited liability companies
  • Professional associations
  • Professional corporations
  • Partnerships
  • Limited partnerships

The attorneys at Jones & Walden, LLC, have extensive experience representing clients regarding all of the entities above and can assist in the formation of management structures, understanding tax liability, drafting employment contracts and more. Whether you’re considering a new startup business or have a sole proprietorship you’d like to turn into an LLC or other entity, we have the experience, resources and prowess necessary to guide you through all your legal matters.

When Disputes Arise, Jones & Walden, LLC, Is Ready

Even the best-laid formation plans can lead to disputes later on. It’s something we know all too well here at Jones & Walden, LLC, which is why our experienced lawyers provide Georgia business owners with skilled counsel and guidance in business litigation. Whether you’re dealing with a contract dispute or a complex issue that deals with multiple areas of law, we have the diverse legal backgrounds you need to settle disputes, resolve disagreements and negotiate fair outcomes that make your business’s best interests top priority.

If your business dispute involves commercial collections, bankruptcy debtors or other related financial matters, we have attorneys on staff with intimate knowledge concerning the Bankruptcy Code and debt relief options. We can effectively address these issues as well as related business matters all in one place.

Get Big-Firm Experience With A Personalized Touch

At Jones & Walden, LLC, we pride ourselves on the fact that we provide our clients with the personalized, tailored services of a small firm without making them feel like they’re sacrificing experience. Our firm is equipped to handle any business matter, from formation to dissolution. Let us help your business succeed. Schedule a consultation by calling our Atlanta office at 678-701-9235 or contact us online.