An LLC, or limited liability company, is a preferred business structure for many Georgia entrepreneurs who prefer flexibility. The LLC helps protect your interests as the business owner, while still providing you with the structure you need to build a successful business. If you’re a small business owner who is ready to start an LLC, you can benefit from understanding how the registration process works. Once registered, you can move forward to begin operations.

Are you prepared?

You’ve probably already done some research which has led you to determine that an LLC is the right business structure for your needs. Next, you must determine whether you’re a foreign or domestic entity. Domestic entities will exist for the first time in Georgia whereas foreign entities already exist in another state or country. You must select an agent for your LLC and register that person as such. Your agent will act on behalf of your business and conduct important matters related to operations and they must be in the state in which your LLC is registered.

Registration requirements

You need to register your LLC under a valid and unique name. Research your chosen name so that you’re aware of any other LLCs with similar names that could cause confusion or issues in the future. Your registration must include your name, address, and email address. You must also include the mailing address of the principal office of your LLC along with your agent’s name and address. You must include any optional provisions that are required along with the registration fee.

What happens next?

Once your registration has been filed by mail, online, or in person, you will wait to receive your articles of organization. Your LLC will be approved as long as your information is valid, and your business name isn’t already taken. Processing time can be expedited for an additional fee. Generally, processing takes up to 15 days, depending on how you register. Remember that you must file an annual registration each year before April 1st to prevent your LLC from being dissolved.

Registering your LLC isn’t the only step in operating a business in Georgia. There are other steps you must take to open a business legally. If you have questions or concerns about starting a business, you can benefit from consulting an attorney with experience in business law matters. By following the proper legal processes, you can ensure that your business gets up and running with as little stress as possible.