When purchasing property, it is critical to know the exact location of the boundary line between adjoining properties. Unfortunately, disagreements between neighboring property owners can happen, and these matters can become quite costly and complex to resolve. If you are facing an issue involving a boundary dispute, it is in your interest to learn how you can resolve this issue as quickly and as easily as possible while still protecting your property rights and financial interests.

There are different approaches you can take to find a resolution for your boundary dispute. While it may be necessary to go to court in some circumstances, it may be possible to find an out-of-court solution that will be beneficial and sustainable. It is within your rights as a property owner to fight for a clearly established boundary line and to remove any encroachment on your property.

Fighting for a beneficial outcome

In many situations, it makes the most sense to simply avoid a boundary-line dispute whenever possible. One of the easiest ways to do this is to get a new property survey done upon purchase. When you buy land, commercial property or a personal residence, knowing where your property ends and the next property begins is important. In the event of a boundary dispute, the following options may help you find a reasonable resolution:

  • Agreement on boundary lines – It is possible that you and your neighbor may be able to reach an agreement on where the boundary line is, and further action is likely not necessary.
  • Adverse possession – Adverse possession may apply in situations where the non-owner has been using the property for years. The non-owner would have to pay property taxes, and permitted use would negate adverse possession.
  • Quiet title lawsuits – In this type of lawsuit, a property owner is asking a judge to make the final decision on the ownership of the land. The judge will review documents and other evidence, and he or she will determine where the boundary line is.

If you find yourself in a boundary line dispute, your most practical course of action will be to first seek an understanding of your legal options. You have the right to protect your Georgia property interests, and with your financial investment on the line, knowing how to resolve an ongoing dispute with a neighbor will be beneficial.