As a business owner, you understand that one of the most important things you can do is ensure that you fully protect your company property. This is just as important for your intangible property as it is for your physical property. Just as you put locks on your door to keep your equipment, inventory and other assets safe, you should ensure your intellectual property is also secure. There are legal steps you can take that will allow you to ensure everything your business owns remains in the right hands. 

Trademarks and copyrights are two tools available to business owners that allow them to protect their intellectual property. This is available for all types of intangible assets, including certain closely held information that provides your business a competitive advantage. If you have not taken the appropriate legal steps that will shield your company from allowing the wrong parties to access your property, now is the time to take that step.  

Do you need a trademark or copyright? 

Trademarks and copyrights protect different types of intellectual property. It will be helpful to know which is the right choice for your business and the specific types of assets you wish to protect. Knowing the difference between a trademark and a copyright may help you make the right choices regarding the protection of your intellectual property. A trademark can help you protect the following things: 

  • Business names 
  • Slogans 
  • Brand names 
  • Logos 

Essentially, trademarks are for anything that assists with the branding or identification of your company, and they do not expire. Copyrights do expire after a period of time, and they are beneficial for the protection of the following: 

  • Art and poetry 
  • Architecture 
  • Novels 
  • Research 
  • Forms of original writing 
  • Software 
  • Songs and movies 

A copyright cannot protect certain things, such as a list of ingredients, but it is possible to copyright a secret recipe or specific set of instructions. The right type of protection your company needs depends on the type of asset you wish to secure. 

Your business interests 

Taking the legal steps necessary to protect your intellectual property is an important process for any Georgia business owner. If you are unsure of what you need or what steps could be most useful, you will benefit from an assessment of your case and explanation of the specific legal protections available to you.