There could be a multitude of factors to address during the planning stages of a new development project and there could also be a variety of parties preparing to take part in the project. As it can be difficult to plan for every issue that might arise, there could also be numerous scenarios in which project concerns might lead to intense disputes. Knowing some common causes of real estate disputes that may stem from land development could help individuals in Georgia better prepare to protect their interests should conflict arise.

Common causes

Experts indicate that land developers may encounter various issues after initiating operations on a new development project. This could include anything from unforeseen worksite conditions to unpredictable weather patterns that delay operations. Even a thorough project strategy might struggle to predict all the issues that might arise, including potential safety hazards for workers, and similar issues could act as a source of unrest among the parties involved.

In some cases, job tasks may even require the use of heavy construction equipment such as lifts or task workers with operations such as working in trenches. Part of improving worker safety might involve taking steps to reduce risks such as wall collapses or to provide stability on steep inclines and slopes. Implementing safety procedures for operating heavy machines and using equipment such as ladders and scaffolding may also be integral components of reducing accident risks and preventing intense disputes.

Dealing with conflict

Even a thorough land development plan might not always prevent all sources of real estate disputes. As similar forms of conflict could take a significant toll on all parties involved, those who face similar issues might be left in search of advice on how best to handle such disputes. Fortunately, there are attorneys in Georgia who can examine the circumstances a client is facing, provide insight on his or her available options and assist in creating a strategy with which to protect his or her business interests.