Protecting one’s business often starts with a thoughtful approach to choosing a business structure. While forming an LLC or incorporating will provide a wide range of valuable protections, these and other legal business formations do not afford any protection to intellectual property. Protecting a business idea, name or invention requires a different approach.

Register a trademark

Every business in Georgia has a trademark, or a mark that allows consumers to distinguish it from the competition. An unregistered trademark is vulnerable to infringement or plagiarism though, which is why many business owners officially register their trademarks. A few examples of things that can be trademarked include:

  • Business names
  • Logos
  • Phrases or taglines
  • Mascots

File a patent

Patents are often integral to the overall success of a business and prevent others from using protected inventions. Whether a business is using a new invention or a unique process, a patent should protect all the associated components, principles and mechanisms of that invention. There are three different patents a business might be able to make use of:

  • Utility
  • Design
  • Plant

Thriving in the business world can be a challenge, but one that many Georgia entrepreneurs are ready to face. It is important to have the right tools at one’s disposal when seeking success. This often includes using the right protections for intellectual property, including trademarks, patents and more. Those who are interested in learning more about opportunities to protect themselves and their business are well advised to speak with an attorney who is experienced in business law.