Land usage is not as straightforward as it may seem. In fact, real estate disputes are not that uncommon in Georgia. These disputes can occur over any number of things, such as zoning violations or land rights. For example, a golf club is currently locked in a legal battle with the city where it is located over who has the right to a piece of land.

According to the golf club’s lawsuit, the city is building a path for pedestrians and bicyclists on land that it owns. In its opposing lawsuit, the city claims that the golf club has frequently changed its stance over who actually owns the land, and therefore acted in bad faith. Property records for that stretch of land are quite old too, which has caused additional confusion.

The city’s lawsuit is asking the court to rule that it has the legal right to use the land. It also pointed out that the stretch of land is located on the other side of the fence that borders the club’s golf courses. The golf club does not agree that the land located outside the fence is not its property and is seeking compensation for its use.

Whether big or small, a real estate dispute can eat up time, energy and money. Most people are eager to resolve these disputes as quickly and effectively as possible. While this is sometimes possible, it is usually best to seek out the guidance of an experienced party who understands the nuanced nature of Georgia real estate laws.