Everyone has the right to live in a home that is free from excessive external noise. Noise can seem like only a minor consideration when deciding whether to purchase or rent a property; however, excessive noise, especially during antisocial hours, can have an extremely detrimental impact on a person’s life.

Noise pollution in the home can lead to sleep deprivation and stress that can actually be a catalyst for illness. Therefore, it is important that you take action to restore the quiet of your home.

The law on noise from neighbors

If you are suffering from noise due to neighbors or neighboring construction sites, you will be pleased to know that laws and ordinances are in place in almost every local community to ban noise that is excessive and unreasonable.

Taking the right approach to confrontation and resolution

You may want to confront your neighbor about the noise you are experiencing before deciding to take legal action. You may want to do this in an informal manner by having a civil conversation, or you may want to jot down your issues in writing.

If you make a complaint about the noise that you are experiencing, a police investigation may take place, and this will likely include a noise measurement being taken over time by a decibel meter.

If confrontation and complaining to the police is not effective, you may have the option to file a lawsuit and gain damages for the noise pollution that you have suffered.

Make sure that you take action to restore your quality of life. By understanding the law in Georgia, you will be in the best position to do this.