Many things impact how likely a startup is to succeed. This includes what decisions it’s owner makes when forming the business. There are many important choices to make when starting a company. A few examples include what business structure to pick for the company, what agreements to form if you have co-owners and what financing to have in place for the business.

Given the major implications these decisions can have, planning carefully for them can be critical for entrepreneurs. Skilled business law attorneys can assist individuals with the various preparations that go into starting a new company.

Another thing that can have impacts on a startup’s success chances is where it is located. Cities vary in how friendly of a place they are for startups. So, entrepreneurs here in Atlanta may be very encouraged by a recent report.

The report ranked Atlanta the best city in America for startups outside of San Francisco and New York City. It beat 40 other cities to get this ranking.

The rankings were reached by looking at eight different factors connected startup growth and success. Atlanta was in the top 10 for four of these factors: tech talent labor pool growth, number of startups, city GDP and venture capital investments. There was only one factor Atlanta ranked poorly in, and that was travel time to work.

Do you feel Atlanta is one of the best places in the country for startups? What things about Atlanta do you think present the greatest opportunities for entrepreneurs?