One of the most important priorities for a Georgia company is protecting its assets and laying the foundation for a strong future. Business assets encompass a wide variety of things, including physical property, real estate, secret processes, proprietary formulas, client lists and more. It is just as critical to protect intangible assets as it is to secure physical property, and there are specific steps a business can take that it will allow it to do this.

Intellectual property includes any intangible asset that may provide a business a competitive advantage or distinguish it from the competition. This includes a range of things that may prove damaging if it ends up in the wrong place. Your business could face certain challenges when it comes to protecting and securing your IP, and it is helpful to know what you can do to shield your interests.

Possible issues you could face with your IP

The specific issues you could face while trying to protect your intellectual property depend on the nature of your business, type of IP in question and many other factors that are specific to your case. The value of IP cannot be understated, and your success may depend on how well you shield this information against unlawful use and improper access. Some challenges businesses face regarding their IP include the following:

  • Not understanding the true value of the company’s IP
  • Ineffective management of existing IP created and owned by the company
  • Not leveraging the profitability of company IP
  • Exposure to the risk of IP-related lawsuits

The management, use and protection of IP should be a priority for virtually every type of business. A careful assessment of your company can help you understand the specific legal protections that will prove most useful as you work to secure your interests and lay the foundation for profitability for years to come.

An understanding of intellectual property law

You may benefit from speaking with someone who understands the nuances of intellectual property law as you determine the specific legal steps your company should take. Through trademarks, copyrights and other options, you can secure the intellectual property that is important for your company. When you know that both the physical and intangible assets owned by your company are secure, you can focus your time and energy on other aspects of owning and operating a business.