Going down the entrepreneurial path can be an exciting venture. There are several steps that one must take before actually starting a business, though. While some feel that taking these extra steps puts a damper on the excitement involved with creating a business, failing to adequately consider the future can have disastrous implications. 

Where is the funding coming from? 

Georgia business owners should have a solid understanding of where their funding is coming from. When first starting out, business owners may struggle to secure business credit and may instead have to draw from personal lines of credit. This puts the business owner’s personal credit on the line should things not go as planned. It is important that all new business owners fully understand the financial implications of putting personal money into a business, as about 36% get their startup capital from: 

  • Personal savings 
  • Family 
  • Friends 

Consider timing 

Periods of transition in life often feel like the catalyst for change. However, there are times when those transition periods are not conducive to starting a business. For example, putting personal time and money into a new business might not be wise if one just purchased a new home or sent a child off to college. Finding the right time to start a business is unique for every business owner and family though, so it is important to consider one’s own situation and finances rather than relying on others’ experiences. 

Another often overlooked aspect of starting a business is finding the right help. Many entrepreneurs labor under the belief that they must do everything on their own, which can make things more difficult in the long run. Having the right help and guidance on one’s side is often key to successfully navigating a new business venture.