Infringement, theft or exploitation of original content can compromise the future of one’s success. Unfortunately, the same tools that make it so easy for customers to buy products or access content has also made it easier for others to misuse intellectual property. Protecting one’s intellectual property may feel like an insurmountable task in today’s fast paced world, but there are concrete actions that can certainly help accomplish the job.

Authors, musicians, artists and other creative types in Georgia should explore copyright registration for protecting their intellectual property. Some like to rely on the so called “poor man’s” copyright, which involves mailing a recording or copy of an original creation to one’s self by way of a registered postal service. This type of copyright usually does not hold up in court. Instead, it is better to register a copyright through proper channels.

For some businesses, it is the brand and not necessarily the products that set them apart. This means that trademarking a unique name, logo, product attributes or product descriptions is essential for staying one step ahead of competitors. It is not a good idea to wait and register for a trademark only after someone else in Georgia has started selling the same products using the same name. By the time the original owner manages to secure a trademark the damage may have already been done.

Patents, registered domain names and nondisclosure agreements are other useful tools for protecting intellectual property. However, not all protections are appropriate for all forms of intellectual property. Speaking with a knowledgeable attorney can usually help dispel any confusion on this topic.