The popular singer Justin Bieber might be most well-known for his pop tunes, but his most recent headlines had nothing to do with his music. A photo agency recently filed a lawsuit against Bieber, accusing him of violating over a dozen of its copyrighted materials. Copyright infringement is unfortunately a situation that many small business owners in Georgia have already had to face.

According to the out-of-state photo agency, Bieber posted 14 or more pictures featuring himself on the popular social media app Instagram. Although he was featured in the photographs, the photo agency held the copyrights. Its lawsuit claims he used all of those photos without permission, violating the copyrights in the process.

The company is seeking damages to the tune of $2.1 million. However, this lawsuit only came after the agency tried to resolve its dispute with Bieber outside of court, but failed to reach an agreement with the singer. Bieber also allegedly infringed on the copyright of four other pictures while they were still discussing a settlement, and he has allegedly been the subject of multiple copyright infringement complaints stemming from other copyright holders.

No matter how large or small a business may be, its copyrighted materials are often key to its commercial success. When another business or person commits copyright infringement, it compromises that success. Small business owners who are operating in Georgia should be sure that they understand how to protect themselves from copyright infringement as well as their options for seeking legal resolutions.