When you are building your business, you make sacrifices. You make sacrifices now because you know your actions will benefit your family and protect their future. After you establish a business, you must think about what happens when you are no longer around.

Changes come quickly and unexpectedly. Those changes can affect your business and your family. You can prepare succession and estate plans. they can help you prepare for unforeseen changes and allow you to have a say in who succeeds you.

Well thought out estate plans can ease problems

An estate plan can help ensure your business moves forward. It can also limit problems. Most people prepare their estate plan years in advance. The value of a business often continues to grow.

Without an estate plan, your family will probably have to deal with an estate tax. That could be from 35 to 50 percent of the value of your company. That is a large tax that often impacts the business and its owner.

Benefits of an estate plan when a business in involved could include managing:

  • Asset distribution
  • Risk management
  • Ownership transition
  • Tax liability

An estate plan can minimize negative consequences. It can help you take advantage of available tax breaks.

Protecting your business after you are gone is possible

Your family and your business are your life. Most of us do not want to think about what happens when we are no longer around. There are also disabling injuries that can impact your business. An effective business estate plan can ensure you have a say in how and if your family and business move forward after you are gone.